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Is Your AC Running Constantly Without Cooling Your Home?

It's time to find an AC repair pro in the Mooresville or Greenwood, IN area

There are many things that can go wrong with your AC. Thankfully, Air Quest Heating and Cooling in Mooresville and Greenwood, IN can tackle all kinds of AC repairs. Our experts can fix everything from your system's condenser or capacitator to its compressor or coils. Plus, we'll take a look at your unit before the seasons change to catch and resolve any issues.

Call 317-423-4247 now for AC repair services. We serve Mooresville, Greenwood and surrounding areas!

When to call a repair pro

Anytime your AC isn't cooling your home properly, turn to our experts. You'll want to call for AC repairs if your system:

  • Is running inefficiently
  • Is overworking itself during a hot summer
  • Isn't cooling your brand-new home properly
You can also call for AC repairs if you want to upgrade to a digital thermostat or improve your air quality and flow. In addition to AC repairs, we offer leak detection testing. We perform bubble tests and nitrogen tests to check for possible freon leaks and efficiency issues. Our testing process allows us to identify leaks quickly and safely. Contact us now for leak testing services. We also provide free system assessments.